We’re pleased we often get asked about security as this means you’re taking your security as seriously as we take ours. We hope that the following information helps reassure you we’re risk averse and that we value the reputation we’ve built which relies on securely storing and processing data.

Where is your data stored?

We use Microsoft datacentres in Dublin and Amsterdam compliant with data protection policies. Data is encrypted during transit (TLS 1.2) from Xero's servers in the US, and then stored encrypted (using 256-bit AES) to protect from unauthorised access. By storing 6 separate copies of all of your backups, in at least 2 different countries, we ensure that the data is protected against outages and disasters.

More information about the facilities used can be found here and is provided in the video below.

Can anyone in BACKUPMYBOOKS access my data?

Access to personal data is severely restricted, and staff members that do have access are experienced in how to handle data sensitively and securely.

Does BACKUPMYBOOKS have any formal security accreditations?

We don’t at this time, but our infrastructure undergoes regular security testing by external contractors.

What about GDPR?

As indicated in our Privacy Policy we are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy and complying with the applicable Data Protection Laws. We have an appointed data controller and personal data is deleted date after 30 days except for a limited amount that we need to retain in case of billing enquiries or for HMRC purposes.