Protect and control your Xero data


Restore to new organisation

For disaster recovery or when you want to try something new but not affect your live accounting information. Create a copy of your current accounting data, or as it was at a specific point in time.

Download as an Excel file

For those of us who just feel more comfortable when we have a copy of our important data on our own hard-drive. One-click download of your key accounting data and transactions into a tabbed Excel file.

View key information online

Peek into any of your daily backups to view your key accounting reports at a historical point in time. Helps you decide which backup to restore or provides emergency access to important reports if Xero is offline.

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5-minute setup

Connecting Backupmybooks to your Xero organisation could not be easier. Authorise with a few clicks and your backups will begin.

Online viewing

You can peek into the contents of any of your backups, maybe to check a balance at a past date, or to decide which backup you wish to restore.

Overnight scheduling

Your data backup runs everynight between 2:00 am and 6:00 am in your timezone - when we assume you won't be working.

Restore or copy

Restore any of your backups into a new Xero organisation if you need to recover your data or maybe want to try a new add-on with a copy of your data.

30-day history

 We retain a rolling 30 days of backups for you. If you wish to keep a specific backup for longer, you can "pin" it to save it*.

Download to Excel

Each overnight backup comes with an Excel version of your accounting data. You can download any of these files to keep a copy on your own computer.

* A “pinned” backup will only be available 6 months after which it will be automatically deleted.

If this is you ...

I need to know I can go back if my new employee messes-up my accounting data
I know Xero secure my data but I still like to have my own copy, on my own computer
I want to test a Xero add-on with a copy of my data but not with my live accounting information









$7 US/month

Volume discounts of up to 50% are available for accountants and bookkeepers. All UK pricing is plus VAT. 

Things you should know

Since we rely on Xero's API to backup and restore data, it's impossible for us to make an exact backup or restore. You will, however, have a complete and accurate representation of all of your key accounting information. Please refer to our limitations page for more details.

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